Teatro-3.0 ADK

Application Development Kit

Teatro-3.0 ADK is a complete environment allowing developing the resident UI / app of the STB using regular Web technologies and tools. With Teatro-3.0 ADK, it has never been so simple to develop a STB UI / app!


What is Teatro-3.0?

Teatro-3.0 is a Linux-based STB software solution targeted at mid-end connected Pay TV STB which leverages its embedded Web browser to allow for an easy customization of the STB UI / app as it is developed with Web technologies (HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript).

At the heart of Teatro-3.0 is Comedia, a robust, reliable, and field proven DTV software stack that has been deployed within millions of STBs.



Teatro-3.0 ADK aims at dramatically simplifying the development of the resident UI / app of the STB.

It is made of a technical documentation package (including the specification of the Digital TV JavaScript APIs exposed to the apps by Teatro-3.0), a collection of sample apps, a STB simulation environment, and a sample target STB.

Moreover we suggest a development tool chain made of open source Web tools.

With Teatro-3.0 ADK, you have all you need to start your own app development!



Simplicity, cost efficiency, time-to-market.

  • Use of open technologies and tools
  • Digital TV features abstracted through JavaScript APIs at a level which make them easy to use
  • Simulation possible prior to execution on target STB
  • Project duration dramatically decreased
  • Access to the wide community of Web developers
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